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Who we are

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The sofas factory, Creaciones Vizcaíno Spain

The Company

We are a family business, and we are devoted to the production of upholstered furniture and their sale to professionals, being our main goal to transform our knowledge in values that could be advantageous to us and our clients and, ultimately, to individuals.




Our engagement with our clients is based in our integrity: we do create trustworthiness and soundness being inspired by our own beliefs, which are focused on honesty, loyalty and transparence. All these values are reflected in our product that is created in a traditional way but also counting with the most sophisticated technology.


Design & Comfort

We offer a huge variety of sizes, measures and styles of products that include sofas, armchairs, sofa-beds and compositions that contain divan or chaise longue modules and relax mechanisms, among others, and also an extensive range of fabrics and leather that count with the best quality. Thus, we reach a durable product thank to our General, Contract and Leather Collections and, in such a way, the highest customer satisfaction, that is the essence of our development and our product strategies.

Made in Spain

We maintain in our designs a clearly contemporary trend that can be perfectly adaptable to any space, and we do carefully select each of the components that we integrate in our sofas: from upholstery’s fabrics to the wood that we use to produce the structure, and all of them are produced in Spain, so we can guarantee quality, design and functionality in order to reach as many benefits as possible.